"We believe that the changes A Better Brookline seek align with the values of equity and justice that are central to Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity (BRJE)."

- Abby Erdmann & Luciana Schachnik,

Co-Chairs of Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity (BRJE)

"For many years people have raised the topic of changing Brookline’s form of government. As the inequities and flaws in our current system increasingly become apparent, our need for change grows more urgent. An all-volunteer government harkening back to pre-Revolutionary times may charm some of us, but it lacks transparency and accountability for all of us. Brookline United Against Racism gratefully supports A Better Brookline. Let’s create a better future for a Brookline that is more equitable, efficient, and effective."

- Brookline United Against Racism,

Racial Justice in Brookline

Sunrise BROOKLINE.jpeg

"Sunrise Brookline is proud to partner with ABB to work together to make Brookline a more equitable place."

- Sunrise Brookline,

Climate Justice in Brookline

Town Meeting Members


"As a two-term Town Meeting Member, I hear constituents and neighbors say all the time: “We need to be a city.” Residents feel Brookline is too big to work efficiently without full-time, decisive leadership. We’re too complex, and there’s too much at stake for us to continue being steered by large, diffuse volunteer committees, even if they’re well-intentioned. I’m delighted that ABB has stepped up to give Brookline voters the option to explore a city charter. If the constant stream of people coming to my door to sign the ballot petition is any indication, there’s going to be a lot of enthusiasm for this important endeavor."

- Carolyn Thall

Town Meeting Member  (Precinct 16)


"I’m proud to be a member of A Better Brookline, and to support this organization led by young people from Brookline, who are seeking a more equitable, efficient, and effective government for our community. Establishing a charter is a step toward justice, and it is extremely hard work that takes years to implement successfully (just ask Newton or Framingham). I’m very grateful to A Better Brookline for doing the grassroots organizing that’s required for Brookline to move forward with establishing a charter. I support A Better Brookline's long-term mission, as I believe Brookline could be most effectively governed as a city. In the short term, I support A Better Brookline’s petition drive to create a ballot referendum, so the people of Brookline can have their say."

- Eric Hyett

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 10)


"I think it's a great idea to have a town-wide open discussion about Brookline's future and its charter. Our community deserves elected AND appointed officials who are welcoming to all, newcomers and long-time residents alike, and who can be held accountable for decisions they make (and don't make!) on our behalf. From what I've seen in just a few short weeks, A Better Brookline is the perfect group to put this process in motion. I urge you to sign their petition, and encourage others as well, to add a Ballot question on forming a Charter Commission in the next town election."

- Irene Scharf

Former Town Meeting Member (Precinct 16) & 30+ year Brookline resident

Lilac Head Shot - Linda Olson Pehlke.jpg

"It's time to let the voter's start the conversation about Brookline's form of government.  I believe there may be some real advantages to becoming a city."

- Linda Olson Pehlke

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 2)

"As an almost lifelong resident of Brookline, I have a deep love for our community.  However, through being a Town Meeting Member for the past 4 years, I have seen just how challenging our current form of government is for such a large town.  While there are many truly wonderful things about the town model of government, I fear that we have outgrown ourselves, and are impeding our progress by relying on volunteerism.  At this size, it is an unreasonable task to ask anyone to undertake."

- Adrienne Bowman

Town Meeting Member  (Precinct 16)

"I fully support this effort to explore a charter change — and greater accountability in Town administration — in Brookline and am delighted that A Better Brookline is leading the charge. Please sign their petition for a Ballot question on forming a Charter Commission to be included in the next town election."

- Anne Weaver

Town Meeting Member  (Precinct 11)

"The residents of Brookline should be allowed to make an educated decision as to whether or not Brookline’s current form of government is efficient, representative and transparent for 2020 and beyond. I support creating a committee to provide that research to the people of Brookline. Please sign the petition to make this choice possible for Brookline."

- Beth Kates

Former Town Meeting Member  (Precinct 9)

"With a population of 60K Brookline is the largest town in Massachusetts. The word "town" has real implications and although I’m part of our volunteer governance structure I believe it’s worth exploring becoming a city. 
This exploration is a cautious, measured, highly structured process ultimately requiring statehouse approval. It starts by gathering 6000 signatures to allow a ballot question in May 2022 to agree to appoint an exploration commission. I believe a city would be a more accountable, equitable and effective form of government and certainly support its exploration."

- Jennifer Goldsmith

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 11)

"I enjoy serving as a Town Meeting Member.  It has given me the opportunity to meet neighbors and to discuss important Town issues with them.  Perhaps civic engagement would improve if Brookline were a City.  Let's continue the discussion and let the people of Brookline decide."

- Leonard Wholey

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 11)

"Brookline needs a charter change and the people of Brookline should have a chance to voice their opinion on this issue by putting it to vote. While the current system of town government functions it does not optimize efficiency, fiscal responsibility, inclusiveness and equity. In order to be a more representative community, we need to be able to elect a mayor who would be accountable for the outcomes we as a town want to achieve. As an existing town meeting member, I believe strongly that we should transition to a city and fully support putting this choice to the voters."

- Miriam Aschkenasy

Select Board Member

"Brookline is a wonderful town but its government structure ensures that new ideas, even if popular, are impossible to enact with any urgency.  A charter commission could help us build responsiveness into our government." 

- Nathan Shpritz

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 16)

"Brookline is too big and too complex for a part time government."

- Robert Volk

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 4)

"I'm proud to support the work of these young people to improve our local government. We are the largest town in Massachusetts, and we've outgrown our current system. Let's at least explore the idea of cityhood and how it could work in Brookline."

- Susan Helms Daley

Town Meeting Member (Precinct 1)

Community Leaders

Headshot - Carol Schraft.JPG

"This is a magnificent opportunity for us to study how our town is governed and propose a charter for future generations."

- Carol Schraft

Principal of Driscoll School 1980-2006

"This is a true grassroots movement to really examine Brookline's existing government."

- John Malcolm Cawthorne

Community Leader (Precinct 13)